Sehlke’s Ethics

In 2011, I founded Sehlke Consulting. Our services in Financial Management, Acquisition Management, Logistics, National Security Programs, and Information Technology are now in high demand. As I contemplate the remarkable success we have achieved, it becomes clear that the most important reason is summed up in a single word: Passion. Our team is passionate about accomplishing, along with our clients, what our clients cannot accomplish alone. We thrive on accepting difficult projects that others have failed to complete.

We strive to do business with integrity. Our Ethics helps us resolve concerns consistent with our core values. It provides the appropriate policies, tools and resources that guide our people to do the right thing, every day. Our basic ethical guidelines include:

  1. Satisfying Customers
  2. Delivering Quality and Excellence
  3. Requiring Premium Return
  4. Ensuring Thought Leadership
  5. Valuing our Employees
  6. Behaving Responsibly as a Corporate Citizen

-Chad Sehlke, CEO

Who We Are


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