Army General Fund Audit Readiness Support
Army G-8/FM&C Financial Management Support

Project Details

Army General Fund Audit Readiness Support:

Provide detailed process maps, organization charts, and process narratives to include documenting the current internal controls over financial reporting for the Army’s OMB A-123 Appendix A reporting for the Army’s GF Financial Statements and mission critical assets field level processes. Identify current impediments to audibility of financial statement line items or financial statements and prioritize the impediments based on their material impact on proper financial statement presentation. Develop, conduct, assess and validate field level process evaluation and audit support, to include GFEBS, GCSS-A, IPSS-A operating environments. Develop and execute valuation test plans for the population of general equipment, military equipment, real property, and operating materials and supplies, and environmental liabilities that addresses the internal control environment and the accuracy of the logistics data recorded in the Army’s property accountability systems, GFEBS, PBUSE, LIDB, DPAS, GCSS-A, SAAS MOD and AEDB-R/AEDB-CC. Establish and manage a strategic communications cell that develops standardized materials for the Army’s audit readiness program. Develop corrective actions for each impediment identified during the Army audit readiness discovery phase. Maintain and update an Army-wide training program. Update and maintain the existing comprehensive audit readiness strategy. Provide audit liaison support for all Army examinations and audits, to include the SBA/SBR audit, Existence and Completeness audits, and Army Financial Statements audits. Maintain the Army Audit Document Repository (AADR).

Army G-8/FM&C Financial Management Support:

Sehlke Consulting is supporting Army FM&C and G-8 with assistance in accomplishing a wide range of projects addressing all aspects of Army financial management. Support will include:

  • Supporting senior executives by identifying and analyzing issues and providing recommended solutions involving the integration of financial management and cost management issues with Army-level strategies, goals, and objectives.
  • Identifying and analyzing issues and providing recommended solutions involving the development of new or revised financial management policies and procedures for selected programs and projects. This includes examples such as the Army Efficiencies Program, the Cost Management Handbook, and evaluation of Cost Benefit Analyses (CBA).
  • Implementing approved solutions to issues including but not limited to drafting proposed legislation, regulations, policies and procedures, correspondence, and meetings to forward and present proposed positions and solutions. Planning and participating in briefings and meetings with OSD and OMB to present and discuss Army positions and solutions. Planning and conducting meetings and training sessions to explain new or revised policies and procedures to government personnel.
  • Assisting in the preparation and issuance of annual documents that support the formulation, submission, and defense of the Army program and budget.
  • Planning, organizing, and conducting training and professional development events.
  • Supporting the Army’s implementation of the Workforce Enhancement Initiative.

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