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DON Asset Management Support :

The DON’s Asset Management (AM) effort covers both the DON’s General Fund and Working Capital Fund assets.  These assets include the following assessable units: Ships, Aircraft, General Equipment-Remainder (equipment other than Ships and Aircraft), Real Property, Inventory, Operating Materials and Supplies (OM&S), Internal Use Software, Marine Corps Assets, and Government Furnished Equipment.  Assertions are needed to cover FIAR’s Wave 3 (Existence, Completeness, Rights and Obligations, and Presentation and Disclosure) and FIAR’s Wave 4 (Valuation).  The assertion efforts cover lifecycle management of Acquire to Retire (AR) from the Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA).  Support includes Discovery, Testing, Evaluation, Corrective Action Plan (CAP) development and implementation, Assertion, Sustainment, and Program Management focused on key financial controls, systems, and interfaces.

Department of the Navy (DoN) STARS to SABRS Migration:

Sehlke performs as Financial Management Subject Matter Experts (SME) for the United States Navy’s migration from their existing accounting system to the Marine Corps’ Standard Accounting, Budgeting, and Reporting System (SABRS); Purchase Request (PR) Builder; and the SABRS Management Analytical Retrieval Tool System (SMARTS). Sehlke’s efforts directly support the Department of the Navy (DoN) Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR) Program goals and the Navy’s Financial Improvement Plan (FIP). This encompasses achieving audit readiness for the DoN’s Financial Accounting Systems, to include closing all operational and performance gaps and the ability to prepare financial statements and required reports.

Implementation for the migration of the Budget Submitting Offices (BSOs) is on a phased approached. DoN-AA was the first BSO to successfully migrate on 1 October 2015. Deployment-Two BSOs include Field Support Activity (FSA), Naval Intelligence Activity (NIA), and Naval Installations Command (CNIC) who are slated to migrate 1 October 2016 . Deployment-Three BSOs include Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC), Fleet Forces Command (FFC), Pacific Fleet Command (PACFLT), BUPERS, RESFOR, and SPECWAR who are scheduled to migrate 1 October 2017. Sehlke reviews and analyzes data for current and new system requirements to asses accounting and financial management impacts. Sehlke also assists with reviewing policies, directives, and principles governing data management to determine their impact. SMEs provide operational support, functional analysis, requirements identification, application, and interface development and testing. As a result of continued analysis, data exchange crosswalks for 48 individual systems were created, SABRS control tables were developed, and datasets were processed into the test environment with extensive testing at all levels. Analysis has led to the implementation of one new system interface for 1 October 2016 and an additional three interfaces for 2017. The Sehlke team has converted manuals and SOP material into a 3-tiered training approach, from basic user functionality to live hands on training delivered to end users prior to the migration.

Upon migration Sehlke provides onsite post deployment support. This support allows users at all levels direct contact with the SMEs who assist with a myriad of issues. Additional responsibilities include providing over the shoulder support, coordinating and delivering basic and enhanced user training, generating system change request, and conducting analysis on response time and resolution. In addition to onsite support, the Sehlke team will manage the War Room, which is Tier 1 helpdesk support. The helpdesk works closely with Navy personnel, TSO, and HQMC P&R-SIDI to fully support all issues. This includes system problem resolution, and tracking trouble tickets till resolution.

DON FMO FIAR Business Process Standardization (BPS) Support:

Provide support to the multi-year Department-wide effort to strengthen Navy-Marine Corps business processes and systems, transforming them so that they better serve worldwide operations, to produce standardized financial information with greater accuracy, reliability, and accessibility. Improved Business Process Standardization allows the Department of the Navy’s senior leaders to allocate the Department’s resources in a better informed, more precise way.  The BPS team analyzes existing processes and works with Commands to reduce process variations that occur at the lowest echelons. As processes are finalized, the BPS team also assists the Commands in documenting, implementing, and training personnel on the approved standard processes of all Departments of the Navy and Department of Defense activities in the BPS Program.

Naval Special Warfare Command FIAR Support:

Department of Navy and USSOCOM efforts are required to achieve an audit ready state of the Department of Defense financial statements. Department of Navy and USSOCOM approach are based on OSD Guidance promulgated on audit readiness which includes DoD Service and agency requirements to become audit ready. The strategy is to address audit readiness by performing a top down risk based approach to each of the financial statements. The approach also will break each statement out by line item (i.e. FBWT, Accounts Payable, etc.) or assessable unit (i.e. General Equipment, Operating Materials & Supplies (OM&S), etc.) for individual assertion leading to an overall assertion of each statement. Department of Navy and USSOCOM efforts are segment or line item based and will cover the DOD FIAR approach from discovery through sustainment. These efforts include process mapping, identification of key controls, testing of controls, and development of corrective actions, implementation of corrective actions, assertion, and sustainment. Financial Statement Assertions Considered for each segment or line item related to the statements include: Existence/Occurrence, Completeness, Rights and Obligations, Valuation/Allocation, Presentation & Disclosure.

USFFC Program Management Support Services:

Supporting USFFC Comptroller Directorate, Financial Systems Branch with Program Management related to USFFC’s migration from STARS to SABRS. The STARS-FL to SABRS migration changes the “book of record” accounting system to SABRS. The migration will affect all commands, all financial management personnel and many program management personnel throughout USFFC. This constitutes thirty three (33) direct subordinate commands and approximately 570 financial managers. This requirement is to support all aspects of the USFFC project management plan, to include:

  • Maintaining the project management plan
  • Maintaining the project data repository
  • Attending and record the results of project team meetings and Fleet Project Management Office meetings to stay abreast of project efforts and status
  • Updating leadership regarding elements of time and performance • Providing necessary follow up with team leads and team members to keep the project on track
  • Tracking the status of requirements gaps and ensuring that the current status is up-to-date in the data repository and that items approaching or behind their deadlines are identified to the Fleet PMO as soon as discovered
  • Record and track project actions, develop high-level data flow diagrams, system schematics, and process flows, and to prepare project communiques and briefs

The Postgraduate School (NPS) Financial Closeout Processing Support:

Provide support to NPS Financial Management Directorate with Financial Closeout Processing Support. Support will include reconciling and closing over 3,000 reimbursable documents that span four fiscal years. Reconciliation includes ensuring all transactions crossing multiple systems have been reviewed to determine where corrective action (if any) is needed to close the segment. Closing a segment includes ensuring that all action has been taken including cost transfers, de-obligations, final billings and letters to revert funding to sponsors as applicable. The segment is closed when it is balanced in all three systems and applicable funds reversion has been executed.

Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence (AOCoE), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Support:

Sehlke Consulting provides support to the Adaptive Optics Center of Excellence (AOCoE), Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS), Monterey, California.  The AOCoE is a multi-disciplinary research center focusing on adaptive optics technology for national security applications.  The contract scope includes Financial Management and Administrative tasks to assist in administration, monitoring, and budget tracking of all sponsored research projects.  This requires general administrative support as well preparation of critical internal financial reports for the Center’s sponsors, to include timely tracking of budgets and the summary of obligations and expenditures.  Support also includes the storing, distribution, and internal reconciling of accounting for procurements and equipment; distribution of correspondence; tracking travel orders and internal funds status of sponsored funding sources; and attending staff meetings to review all aspects of Financial Management and Administrative related duties.

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Accounting Financial Support:

Sehlke Consulting provides support to the Accounting Department within the Financial Management Directorate aboard the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Monterey, California.  The Accounting Department is responsible for document execution of direct and reimbursable funding, document reconciliation, close out of reimbursable segments, and pre-validation of payments without a matching obligation, unmatched disbursements, and dormant obligations reconciliation and reporting, to include the Tri Annual Review (TAR).  Our support includes reconciling and closing reimbursable documents that span Fiscal Years (FY) FY13 – FY15.  In addition to providing this support for historical records, Sehlke provides reconciliation and reporting services for the TAR, consultation regarding Reimbursable Work Order (RWO) process improvement, and general financial advisory support pertaining to designated processes of interest. The contract scope includes facilitating surge deadlines, responding to data requests, and verifying the validity of Unliquidated Obligations (ULO).  Additionally, encompassing support services include documenting and updating existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

NPS Defense Travel System Support:

Sehlke Consulting provides contract support for the Defense Travel System (DTS) to the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS).  Support includes system analysis, database maintenance, operational system support, travel help desk, DTS and travel related process training, and complex reporting tools for the NPS Travel and Financial Management Offices.  The support is essential to optimally maximizing government resources and facilitating mission requirements for the organization’s travelers.

NPS uses DTS for web-based processing of Travel Authorizations and Travel Vouchers.  DTS is a travel tool that provides efficiencies in the scheduling of travel, ensures compliance with travel regulations, and facilitates timely reimbursement of travel related expenses.  Competent and committed support is truly a force multiplier for NPS line functions.

The contract scope includes providing DTS Customer Service, Technical Support, Training, Report formulation, and analysis. NPS supports approximately 4,500 to 6,000 travel events each year, exceeding $13.4 million. Historically, the help desk handles an average of 200 trouble tickets per month.

Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Financial Management and Comptroller, Office of Financial Policy and Systems OASN(FM&C), FMP with Systems Integration Data Integrity (SIDI) Support:

Sehlke Consulting provides functional and technical subject matter expertise, for all Navy BSOs using the SABRS Suite of systems for all phases of the requirement, deployment and implementation of the help desk effort for functional and technical support effort for SABRs (Standard Accounting, Budgeting and Reporting System). Our support includes Project Management; Systems Advisory, Governance, Interface Requirements Development, and Testing; Policy and User Manuals; Tier 1 and 2 Helpdesk; Functional Support for Mixed-use and Accounting Systems; Accounting and Analysis; Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Process Analysis; Financial Reporting; Process Improvement; and Post Deployment Support.

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